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The taste of your crisp or snack is everything. Your success is entirely down to the flavour and sensation in the mouth.

That taste is reliant on two things – the recipe and the cook. You take care of the recipe. You’ve been carefully crafting and testing the ingredient profile to achieve exactly the right flavour.

And the cook? Well, we take care of that. We have been building fryers and seasoning systems for hand cooked crisps and snacks since 2005. Whether you’re an artisan food producer, building a reputation for a small range with a mighty impact, or you’re a big food production business, you need reliable equipment to keep the production line flowing.

You want confidence that your manufacturing process is going to run smoothly, with minimum down time and consistent performance. And we can deliver all of that for you, and more.

If you are interested in finding out more about our gas fired fryers and seasoning systems for your snack business, please contact us on 01603 721 254.

Our business has grown through recommendation. Excellent customer service is important to us

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our story

The business was started in 2005 by Adrian Laurie and David Gowen. Back then all the work happened in a small garage.

The business has grown and expanded, and we have moved to premises more in keeping with the needs of our prestigious customer list.

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